Challenge me!

Ok, I’m looking to improve my ps skillz (whut). What I often ask my friends is to think of something for me to make, and then I do it. Unfortuneately, only one or two of my friends really have any skills in photoshop - so the list of things dried up pretty quick. Now, I turn to you oh mighty kirupians - give me something to make!

All suggestions will be considered.

heh, oops. I almost forgot about this. I became hooked on the game Black & White, and didn’t put it down. Recently I did just long enough for me to remember about this. I haven’t got much so far, just a basic idea of what I’m going to do. Et, le voila!

I’m still working on it.

kool, ok, if i find some time i will get my idea together into photoshop.

:: note some of your curves arent smooth, some hare hard curves, as in there look like they are bent into shape.

who want to battle?

for what? this concept, its more of a challenge , not a battle. i havent got time to battle these days.

sorry, I’ve become a bit sidetracked. After using photoshop to set the hand on fire, I lost my train of thought - causing me to make this. Just thought I would share it. Now, back to work.

hehe, nice… though why does a street sign fade off at the top?, anyway , cool concept. :slight_smile:

Thanks. I showed it to my friend and said “It’s like the guy who designed the road sneezed while drawing it.” to which my friend said “Yeah, like 10 times”.

To be honest, I don’t know why it fades. I was going to add a pole thing and a background but got kinda lazy. Speaking of off track, I had another idea to which I will post a rough soon.