Change scenes from within a movie clip

I’m writing a simple game with Flash and I need to change the scene from inside a movie clip instance. I know how to change scenes with a button, but I can’t seem to get the scene to change when certain criteria are met. For example inside a movie clip object I have this:

if(_root.score > 100)
_root.gotoAndPlay(“Congrats”, 1)

but the scene doesn’t change. What am I doing wrong?

use frame labels, instead of frame numbers.

I dont see where you’re telling it to change scenes.

He renamed his scene to be “congrates”, I’m assuming.

I didn’t really explain well the frame label thing either so I’ve opted to make another reply. :slight_smile:

The deal with scenes is this… in a final production the frame numbers just extend from 1 to whatever no matter what scenes they run into … I know that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense… it certainly confuses me.

To set a frame label, open your “Frame” panel. create a blank layer and where ever you would like a label for a goto statement, place a blank keyframe. Then with that frame selected, type in a frame label in the “Frame” panel.

then your goto statement would look something like