Questions about buttons

is there a way that i could make a button from a movie clip go to a different scene. or something along those lines

YES there is. But to do so, you have to label your scenes, and put a gotoAndPlay (“label”) ;

Editor’s correction.
You need to label Frames, not scenes.

Sorry Pom, that’s the second time you made that mistake… I thought I corrected you before… :slight_smile: You are still a Master though. :wink:

GASP !!!
You’re totally right, master Obi Wan. Sorry about that.

you don’t have to name any frames do you ?

ok, so lable the frames and and i could make it work from inside a movie clip, right??

Well, Monkey, that’s what labelling is all about…
And ss4, yes, if you put a label at the beginning of your scene to, it should work.