The "hand" cursor

Can someone please inform me as to how to make it so that when I rollover a movie clip acting as a button the “hand” cursor doesn’t display, rather it retains the normal avatar of a mouse?

Thanks in advance.

Why would you want to do this? It decreases the usability of your site. I suggest you keep the normal cursor.

If you have some reason you must (as in, it’s not really acting like a button or something crazy like that)… you can use a custom cursor with a screenshot of a cursor (it won’t be perfect, as they change by computer, but it’ll be close):

mybuttonclip.useHandCursor = false;

Oh, heh. My point stands, that you shouldn’t use this.

[whisper]I never use Flash… that’ll explain why I didn’t get this one. I just googled it. ;)[/whisper]

I agree that turning the handcursor off is counter intuitive - unless, like mentioned earlier, the button is more of an ambient activation or if its just a tool tip or rollover effect - in those cases, I think a user can be confused if they see the hand, and the button doesn’t do anything on click.