Flash Buttons

Does anyone know of a way to stop the pointing hand cursor from appearing when the mouse rolls over a Flash button?\r\rThis one’s been bugging me for a while…

check out the global mouse tutorial in the tutorial section.

Yeah, but it could be difficult. Are you using MX ?\rpom 0]

I just replace the mouse cursor with an arrow movie clip that follows the mouse and then I make the cursor invisible… it’s really pretty easy.

I’m using Flash 5… And taking apart someone else’s movie. Grrr.\r\rThey’ve made a whole load of buttons to get the rollover effect on them, which is fine in itself. But you get the pointing hand cursor which makes it look like a link, and these buttons don’t link anywhere. \r\rThe management have decided in their infinite wisdom that this will confuse the poor little 13 year olds who are meant to be using the movie, and are demanding the removal of said pointing hand.\r\rIn the words of my line manager “come on, it can’t be that difficult”.\r

ok… I’ll write up a discription of how I do what I do in a couple hours. Really it should be able to be done in a single self encapsulated movie clip which could just be dropped into any movie.\r\rEspecially if it’s for kids… One of my goals is to develope Motesorie (?sp… you know if I can’t spell it I didn’t get educated with it) style teaching tools. I’ve always felt that education of the young is the most noble of all pursuits.

make a movie clip that you want to look like the cursor for the movie. On that movie clip put this code…\r\ronClipEvent(enterFrame){\r_x = _root._xmouse\r_y = _root._ymouse\rMouse.hide()\r}

yeah… that’s it… :slight_smile: \r\rthanks again Jubba… you da man too.

Montesoris I think (it’s French, isn’t it ?)\rpom 0]

Cheers guys, the movie clip cursor thing works fine.\r\rThink it’s Montessori schools btw, although my spelling could also be a bit off. The company I work for isn’t quite like that, we’re at www.espresso.co.uk (insert shameless plug here).

Lol, anytime…That was the first thing I ever learned how to do with actionscript :slight_smile:

one of the first things I learned too… which is why I couldn’t remember off the top of my head. :slight_smile:

lol, well you were learnin 2 years ago, I started learning in the end of january 2002! Thats why its easier for me…plus I’m younger and my brain is more alert and active :wink:

I got thrown in at the deep end with ActionScript, started off working with all kinds of nasty bits and pieces. Scrolling text - urgh. At least MX makes my job easier there.\r\rYou wait though, next thing on my list is randomization. I’m opening a book on how long it’ll be before either my fist goes through mymonitor, or my monitor goes through the window…