Check my first draft please (well second really)

Ok i have been working on this site for millenia it seems now
(i have redrawn and generally wasted lots of time so i decided last week to at least finish it to a point where i can post it and then work on improving it)

Ok basically the menus are all semi dynamic as is each loaded section so adding to it and changing it shouldnt be to tough.

Any ideas or suggestions welcome (i mean the the actual content is pretty rubbish at the mo but its aimed an audience who isnt flash fluent so bear that in mind when checking it out)
I know its by no means original or amazing but i mainly wanted it to look clean and tidy and be easy to navigate.

Eventually it will have MP3 player, newsticker with links and all the sections containing the information will be given proper intro animations generally be orgainsed better to.

thanks for any help in advance

oh one more thing is my font ok in other peoples browsers and does the flash sniffer work??
also the pictures (dynamic background ones and the smaller ones) are only temporary until i can find a group of decent pics i can use with same theme.

very smooth, I like it! :thumb:

a few things tho:

1: lodaing time is small, which is good, but the site “assembly” takes juust a tad too long :slight_smile: make it go a little faster :slight_smile:

2: IMO, the hexagons, which goes bright when you mouseover, make the brightness trancend faster :slight_smile: I never noticed it changed before I actually held the cursor over one of them for a few seconds :slight_smile:

other than that, great work! =)

yeah i have watched it so many times and have kid of lost objectivity on how long it takes, but speeding it up is no prob.

as for the hexagons im gonna be doing something more nteresting with them eventually the fade thing is just a temporary kinda thing, but increasing its fade speed will be easy enough cause it is kinda overly subtle (to the point of almost nonexistance :)) right now

thanks for suggextions and thank christ the font seems ok and the flashsniffer/redirecter worked, well im guessing they did as you didnt mention otherwise :azn:

everything worked beautifully


anyone else got any comments?

still spose no news is good news isnt it :slight_smile:
or is that just me deluding myself again :q:

Very nice, i like it too.
The pictures are cool and i liked the color, though its kinda hard to read here (im on 17’’ 1280 x 1024px).
And finally, i agree with eilsoe 1st statement.


cool, but when it first started, i thought i had mail… (the doo doo sound is the same as outlooks)

juz a little laggy when viewed from a lousy computer :x like mine

cheers for all kind words guys :p:

the sound FX and pics are only temporary they will be replaced by better ones

Very nice :slight_smile: I like it :slight_smile: Although the font color may be a little bit darker imo :slight_smile:

That is one smooth site, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a site using the colour grey look so good. Only things I would change though is the colour of the links, make them a more darker grey so their more visible. Your mp3 player doesn’t function either.

hehe the MP3 is not made yet i just put the buttons there for a sense of balance, hopefully site will be nearer completion this friday :slight_smile:

i have sped up the intro animation and added sound , though many of the fundamental problems remain i feel it is slightly improved by these minor changes.

Oh and text is slightly more uniform now to.

still working on it :slight_smile: