Check my flash portfolio

I tried to keep it simple…

Nice site man, unique navigation to. Thumbs up!

I`d like some comments of the content, too

cool navigation, I think the stage and the contents are a little small for my old eyes, and, the site and the content is artisticly suburb. colors scheme is nice, i like the way the site flows - just a little small is all.

very nice site… clean and minimal… no excessive or unecessary (sp?) flash animation.

Good Job!!

I’d speed that nav up following the cursor, personally i don’t think its responding quick enough to the mouse position. Apart from that I liked it.

Nice work.

nav should follow the mouse a bit faster…colors are nice but misssing some faded typography within…its a good start!

didnt even see what mrG said :stuck_out_tongue:


nice site. original concept i guess for the cubeism, especially corresponding to the navigatioin. i like how you matched the cube buttons in your work section with the color of whatever your project was.

no real suggestions really…

thank you all for your time and words…
MrG and MrMass: I wanted the nav to move smooth, like something floating, if you want to use it you can move the cursor over it, you don`t have to wait for it… :cool:

you`re right. sometimes do overlap the layout, but even then the buttons functioning are the one in the nav…