SOTW Submission

This is my first submission. And my first full flash website. Please let me know what you think.

New Edit 9 - 21
I’ve made changes to the portfolio because some of the suggestions.

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Aaron Jorgensen

I don’t see anything… well just a metallic border and an empty menu (found after clicking “navigation.”

I liked the look. In portfolio, I didn´t like the box because they aren´t different. The user may feel lost…

I agree with amstel. The site is pretty good, but the portfolio section has no lables on the buttons. This makes it easy to lost your place. Especially since not all of your squares actually do stuff. They stop after the 3rd one in client and 2nd one in concept.

I think other than that its pretty sweet.

Thanks for all your comments. I appreciate the honesty, and will work on some changes. Keep it coming.


Nice clean-looking site. I liked that portfolio thing, it reminds me of theory7 [SIZE=1]a little bit…[/SIZE]
But it took me 30 seconds to find your navigation, man… Pretty well hidden.

pom :asian:

lol… a couple people have said that, but i figured the flashing “navigation” with the arrow would get people’s attention.
But Thank you very much.

I wanted to say that these are awesome comments, Thanks to everyone so far.


Because of the time delay when dragging over the boxes in the portfolio section, you might want to add a sound effect or some kind of color change/flash.

You might want to make “Infinixmedia” a little larger and seperate or make the “…flash player 5…” text smaller.

Your site is really clean and easy to navigate (other than the issues that have already been mentioned above).

I like it. Keep it up and good luck with the company.

<It’s time to evolve the way we design in Flash and push it to the limits>