Check Out my firts Site ever!1

Hi,\rI am working with flash now( about three monts ) and i’m working on my first website now. It’s not yet finished. It also doestn’t have sound because I don’t know where to get good sounds. I want some really good advise. \r\\r\rOnly the first two buttons work\rPS: Be Honest Please!!!

nice I like it. However, just because I think decimals look like crap. On the preloader, use Math.round in front of all the numbers, but the transitions are nice and the overall feel of the site is pretty clean. not bad for 3 months…better than me and I have been usin flash for 5…:slight_smile:

not bad man, i think the flashyness is giving me seizers…, but i guess it matches the site… nto a bad start at all

Wow. Every time I click on a button, I have the feeling I’m lighting a Christmas tree :smiley: \rA little bit less flashiness, maybe ?? Because other than that, it looks great. Good presentation, great transitions. Everything’s there, man.\rpom 0]

All of you thanx a lot. I will work on it as quickly as possible.\r\rC Ya

Hey man, I thought your site was really good!! Im 18 and have been using Flash 5 for a little while - I’m hoping to get my site up shortly. Thing I want to know is - was most of your site made using ActionScripting, 'coz I don’t know where to start with ActionScripting!

NO, Just basic action scripts. I don’t know alot about Action Scripts