My first flash site.. plz check

actually this is my first flash anything. I used to work only in director, and honestly thought flash was dumb. oh well, things change… heh.

tell me what you guys think, you guys seem to be pretty good judges. I’m mostly concerned about how the sound loads, because I had trouble understanding exactly how sounds are handled & loaded when they are linked.

btw, huge props to kirupa & everyone else on your tutorials, I couldn’t have done it w/o you.

my portfolio site



That’s some first site!
Very very nice, great transitions, only problem I could see was the font on the about page, maybe try a pixel font.

very nice work indeed - you have a pretty bright future I would say :slight_smile:

yeea pretty good transitions, very good for a first flash site i would say.

you should probably turn the music louder, heh coudltn’ really notice it. And i after the short intro thing, its just a blank white page that opens right?! yea i i think you should probably put some stuff there. and lastly i think the font for the lodaing should be changed, but thats jsut my opinion. anyways good job :slight_smile:

thanks for your input guys… this is just a first draft, i’m going to be making improvements constantly. I guess for the text i might use a pixel font or perhaps just make it bigger and separate it into pages.

as for the volume, heh… i guess when i was making the loops i had my volume way up, so i set it at about 60. I’m going to try to make a volume control lever that fits on the corner of the main title bar.

as for the first page, what do you think i could put there that would make it more interesting?.. (its hard to notice, btw, but its not solid white, its a gradient from a soft grey to white)

thanks again… I’ll make sure to check on any sites you post.


great transitions, simple but effective.

As for design, it’s very nice indeed with great transitions. As for performance, I think it would be a bit smoother if you bump up the framerates just a tad.

Also your color scheme doesn’t really help to make your work stand out. You have excellent samples of your work, but why is your site so dull? No offense, but judging by your work, I know you can put something more vibrant together.

I think you should come up with a new color scheme, something vibrant so that it compliments your work. Other than those things, I think you’re off to a great start, good luck. =)

yeah, i realize all the colors are pretty cold… thats why i put a small bar that changes color w/ time. but u r right, its not really warm. also i have it going at 30 fps, but even if I put it up higher, like to 60 fps, will it make a big difference?

i’m currently working on a new version. I’m going to try using more full color imagery + bolder colors. I think i get wrapped up too much in using desaturated color schemes. thanks 4 the input EG.


Site looks really good…nice job!

your first site, I quit!

really nice :eye:

wow dude… it’s a pretty awesome site…

Man, I wish I had a design company so that I could work on flash all day long, instead of just 2 hours at a time.

once again, very, very cool site… I’m bookmarking it.

i don’t believe this is your first attempt at flash…, but nice site anyway… altho there is a too much scrolling on the bottom…keep up the good work…

lavaboy… I will let you know that one of my future plans is to open up a design studio in Amsterdam… maybe in about 3-5 years… its honestly the best city in the world to live in, in my opinion, especially if you are a designer…

nirmal, well its not the first thing i’ve done on the internet, nor with macromedia software (i used to animate/program in director)… but after avoiding flash for about two years, i finally cracked into it… it took about three weeks from start to finish to learn how to do it (with kirupa tutorials at my side of course :crazy: )… it just takes three things: perseverence, a good motive (i needed a job), and a lot of coffee…


Fajna strona
If this is your 1st Flash site then…
Well it is one of the best Flash sites I ve seen, really
Good luck

Fajna strona
If this is your 1st Flash site then…
Well it is one of the best Flash sites I ve seen, really
Good luck