Check out my new Wallpaper!

Parasite Art Design (done by the flash masta dan) so tell me if you like it or not, I poster it in the art forum but it got no replies:

This is a smaller version I made just to view in the forum but below is a link to the full size on which is well, pretty ■■■■ huge!

Nice ! but you should have called it ‘Spiderman’. :slight_smile:

pom :asian:

Hey Dan,
The wallpaper looks pretty awesome. I think it should be called “Dragon” because it kind of looks like a dragon…if you squinch your eyes to the point where you can’t see anything and imagine a big dragon instead :stuck_out_tongue: Actually, Spiderman works better haha.

Kirupa :asian:

Ditto Kirupa! Dragon was the very first thing on my mind!