check out this AIR game Armajet (nothing to do with me)

I really like AIR, I think its fantastic for mobile development. I saw this today and wanted to post it here just as an AIR example. I’m sure this will be solid 60fps on modern mobile devices.

I have no affiliation with this game or the people who made it.

Watch “ARMAJET // Alpha Launch Trailer” on YouTube

more info

Looks smooth and action-packed. I’m one of those weird people who plays games, but never plays mobile games. I think the two games I’ve ever installed on a phone were 1) SpaceTeam and 2) Your game, tbo, since I think you sent it out for testing.

No worries here. You’ve been around long enough that we’re not going to screen your posts for paid shilling or something. :bouncing:

I would say I’m much weirder in that I don’t play any games, but I’ve had some obsession for years with making parts of games, or game mechanics. Its just so fun. So I install mobile games sort of as research, but I usually dont play them for more than 40 seconds.

I had said in another thread that I have a game in progress, I just wanted it to be clear its not this. Thats what my other comments were about.

I was honored that my previous game made it to your phone back then. I’ve run some calculations on what you said, and what im hearing is that its amoung the top 2 best mobile games you have ever installed in the history of time.

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