Ok this is the pseudo-finished site of “mangrove”, the magazine…Critics please…It’s a bilingual site so sorry if you don’t understand some things…

Thanx a lot for your time and concern!!! :slight_smile:

you have to post an url… but you know that…

greetz, instantjesus

oh my god!..i can’t believe i missed that!..again :-\

Thanx a lot!..Please tell me what ya think!

It’s another not payed site…

There’s a couple of bugs please tell me if you notice them, if they bother …if they don’t…any help will be appreciated…

Thanx again and, as someone here says, happy flashing…



Oh c’mon please!..:slight_smile:

Is there any way that I can get your attention to focus on this: and make you click it? And then make you come back to this page and make you click that button on the bottom right that says: “Post Reply”…And then make you type a message saying that my site sucks and that i should rather be cleaning your bathroom?..Is there any way?..:slight_smile:

Please…comments I really want to learn about this stuff…=)

hi mangrove!

i checked your site, and i think its neat! it’s straight and clear, with good navigation. not too much bleeps and blinks.

but a few things i would change (personal opinion, of course):

  • try to get a unique and coherent typographic style to the site. i think its not good to mix up type styles which are so diffferent.
    -the orange block which comes down after a click is pretty annoying after the second time you’ve seen it… why not replace it with the actual content that’s going to be displayed (maybe with an alpha-effect)
  • to me, it looks like the colors are generally randomly chosen, try to stick to the clean colors and you’ll get the fancy look, which i think you want to achieve. orange and grey doesn’t mix very well.
    -what’s the woman in ther main menu doin’? has she got a special function?
    -the grey block really is annoying and so is the animation that comes up by clicking into it. try to make something lighter, maybe just outlines, no heavy stuff.

a few things i liked very much:

-the fotos with elastic effect are great, good also you embedded a preloader. why not make a magnification-function, so the user can view enlarged pictures in own windows?
-the fotos themselvesare cool as well

i may criticize too much, for i didn’t do any whole flash-sites yet. if i’ll publish one someday, please criticize me as i criticized you!

cheers, instantjesus

Hey mangrove,
My bathroom’s pretty clean so don’t worry.
Your site looks good to me, intuitive navigation and looks smooth.
However only one of the links in the affairs section works. It has a nice scrolling gallery but you might want to limit the scrolling so it’s not possible to scroll the images off the screen.

Apart from that it’s great.

My God!..Thanx!!!..Finally the answer to my prayers!.. :slight_smile:

Instantjesus: Thanx a lot for the comments!..
-Im with you with the typography, but my client wants it that way now that it is a magazine, and I’m using the typography that uses the magazine. You know, the client wants to maintain the image exactly alike…
-The colors well, same thing, again, my client. Originally I chose white, orange and very little grey for the shadow effects…But the client wanted to add more…There’s noting I could do :-\ :frowning:
-The woman is the month’s magazine cover…so i have to keep her there, i want to make her disappear when you press the other sections but still haven’t make it work correctly…
:-\ (any help will be appreciated)
-The grey block is where the sponsors will place their banners, i haven’t been able to make them yet, so that animation is just filling up while i upload the art of the sponsors…
-Thanx for the compliments on the pics, they’re mostly mine =)


Thanx to you too!!! =)
I’m working on the affairs section…I still don’t understand very well the “draggable” tutorial but I’m working on it…So check back once in a while…some really coll pics will be uploaded in that section! :slight_smile:

Thanx a lot for the comments an PLEASE…keep on replying…Give me hints on how to persuade my client, and convince him!!! :frowning: