Check this a bit of work in Swift3D

Check out this site and let me know your comments, you can send me comments from contact page on my site.

that was cool, did you do that? if so, do you have a tut? i especially liked the clock thing!

yes that ‘follow’ clock is quite sweet. If you have the time (and it’s not worth money to you to keep the source secret), would benefit from a tutorial or even just a basic explination of how you worked that out.

I’m sure I’ll end up attempting to replicate it anyway though… even without the open source.

Site looks good. I don’t really like that resolution info popup that occurs when you go there… but that’s just me. I’m gunshy to popups.


sorry for late reply. If you want to put this clock on your site you can directly point to javascript file at my site or by entering this path you can download the javascript file your hard drive and put in your site, and i’ll request to link back to me if you use it. also visit my award winning Flash site which i design before on year for my collage competition. visit at :slight_smile:

Hi, i saw the site and the clock too, butt you talk about javascript? isn’t it possible to make it in Html too, I have a tutorial, (in dutch however) who says how to do it

tought it might be interesting


First of all thanks for visiting as my knowledge the clock cannot be made in html because it is just formatting language and you cannot program in it. but i can only understand english, urdu and panjabi language cannot understand dutch. =)

Oh I see, Well that’s no problem, I’ll TRY (TRY) to translate it in English.