Transperent Flash 3D Movie


Must check out mine this site now, i’ve some improvements but still is under progress. Observe the Flash movie carefully, it is transparent and you can see the image at back site of it and the clock also unlike any other flash site it is made transparent, the url is please if you want to know or want to let me know any thing use contact form on my site for this purpose. Thanks :rambo:

i like the clock
how do i enter?

can’t get what you want to say ?

There is a link next to the “Macromedia Flash Player” button at the bottom that say “Standard (HTML)” click on that and you can enter the site.

Good site so far…I can’t wait for the Flash version:)

Yep, that clock is sweet!

So good i stole the script, hehe…

You should be ashamed, Eyez…

Yes, I admit that is some incredibly spiffy Javascripting for that clock. But I have seen that clock on many other sites so it doesn’t have the same effect on me anymore.