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nah, he’s at work and i’m at work. he works at the university of nebraska and i work at an advertising agency.

i think i want the next language i learn to be dutch. seriously, i’m good at languages. how hard is it to learn??

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well telekinesis has been changing my title. bad boy!!!

how about the grinch?

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Well… Dutch… German… pretty comparable.

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well i will, but the grinch will do for now. i’m really really busy with summer class and getting in shape (gotta get into that bikini this summer) and haven’t been able to even work on my site too much.

*Originally posted by Kajinku *
**Well… Dutch… German… pretty comparable. **

really? how similar are they? like if i learned german and went to holland, i’d be able to carry on a conversation?

Well, I guess some people will understand what you say if you speak very slowly… But a lot of people in Holland actually have German as their second language instead of French, like in Belgium. I was in France once, talking to my brother in Dutch. Some French guy that was there asked me “Etes-vous Allemand?” (= Are you German?). It’s similar in sound and a lot of words are the same.


Dutch: auto ; German: Auto (= car)
Dutch: venster ; German: Fenster (= window)
Dutch: muziek ; German: Musik (= music)

Of course there are words that don’t sound the same at all:

Dutch: zakdoek ; German: Taschentuch (= nose rag - tissue)
Dutch: stadhuis ; German: Rathaus (= town hall)
Dutch: onmiddellijk ; German: unmittelbar (= immediately)
Dutch: trein ; German: Zug (= train)

I think it’s easier to go from German to Dutch than vice versa. Dutch is like German with a French and English something in it. :slight_smile: