Here is my site… tell me something that would help me instead of making me poop my pants.

So far it works in explorer and mac explorer… and safari… someone test it on Frirefox please?

ps- tell me somethun.

It works fine in Firefox also… I think it looks pretty good, for what you have on there. :thumb:

works fine (FireFox/XP)… why is this in flash though? I see no point in flashing this, could be done VERY easily with HTML and a basic Java rollover for the menu.


I didn’t feel like doing that… things are so much easier in flash. There really is nothing wrong with that either. People without flash are unworthy anyways… unworthy to even be on the internet.

keep on doing what you doing! future designers :stuck_out_tongue:

I think having flash on that web site is completely pointless. The color scheme bothers me as well, but that’s just my design opinion.

jdan…what is ur problem man…first in one post u say I hate sounds…then now u say u hate flash…man close the computer go play monopoly!

i don’t see the point of flashing that site either, however in the end it looks good and it works, thats all the matters to most people

I don’t really like the color scheme and the Flash.

yah! we all know every flash has to have: looping free samples, crazy fades and a nifty pre-loader to ad to the excitement… but really… why does it have to reload every page? why can’t it all get along??? does your ‘work’ really hate your ‘stuff’ that much??? get those babies talking, maybe a flash counselor or something… a flash header and menu don’t make a flash site… or was it just to get the girls???

EDIT: MEH, my apologies… must be the language barrier, between me and the rest of the world… when oh when will we get telekenisis, the power, not the member? oh well read below, all is explained, never fear we’re all in it together… like mother$#%# sheep… bahh bahh :evil2:

what he said, (in a lazy manner to explain my original post, I’m glad I’m not alone in this design insanity :slight_smile:

GREAT IDEA! that’s a wicked way to show “life” photos without having to use another page, plus with some cool masking and a little randomizing script and some XML you got yourself a dynamic expanding photo gallery, that’ll keep ppl coming back! ooh saru do that! <doing to my site right now>