Christmas Shopping Action Plan

How far are you along?

Any left?

If so, post up your action plan to beat crowds and the deadlines.

(get crazy)

Umm… Tomorrow… I gte paid…

Enough info? :slight_smile:

:puzzle: i got all my presents online so to beat the crowds, theres nothing better than the web for cool presents! :goatee:

Don’t you just hate having to wait in some huuuge queue along with all the other :crazy: people !?

Tech stuff rocks! :azn:

I haven’t seen any out of the ordinary posts lately! so get crazy, it is christmas afterall! :s:

ps. are there any other skateboarders here? :tb:

Sk8ing Merry christmas! :?) :?) :?)

What would have happened if UPS was late though? :sigh:

hehe, I got all my presents except the one for my mum

All the stuff I ordered online was right on time, I had no probs with that yet :slight_smile:

As I stated in another thread, I have a super small list to buy for this year. Two sisters and my old man. I just have to buy one more thing for one of my sisters.

Hehee, I already did the cristmas shopping a long time ago (yesterday).

I have yet to do any x-mas shopping. Actually, im going to do that right now. I don’t procrastinate, im just patient. :beam:

I have a few more things to pick up. It’s a pretty hectic time of year. Mom’s birthday in November, Christmas, my Dad’s birthday is on Christmas day, my brother-in-law’s birthday is the end of this month as is my parent’s anniversary, and my sister’s birthday is next month.

im finished…I think

What would have happened if UPS was late though?

UPS? in the UK, most of the online companies use royal mail or parcel force. :pa:
Its only businesses here that really use UPS a lot.
Amazon say that its free delivery takes like 3-5 days but most times its here next day!

still time for those last minute bargains!!!
he he he, or should it be ho ho ho?

Sk8ing Merry christmas :?) :?) :?)

What that’s not me in that smilie?, never mind {> :hr: }

did all mine in one day… saturday… though… must admit… pretty much everything I bought was for myself :smiley:

I have a huge list but I already finished…

Usually I am one of those people done in October but this year I finished later then normal

All wrapped and under the tree already!

Christmas shopping normally consists of me and my dad getting humongous jackets on and going out in the 4 foot snow level at 2 in the morning on Christmas day to go shopping…this way we get all the ‘after Christmas’ deals. :smiley:

-Data :sketchy: