Chromeless window after service pack 1

hi there
my chromeless window does not work after installing service pack 1, i tried to apply the patch but it still does not work. does anyone have any advice on this? does anyone know of any tutorials that deal with creating chromeless windows for service pack 1?

It doesn’t work, at least not to my knowledge.

Nopers… it decides to open it full screen.

Microbians ( - makers of chromeless windows) launched a patch that allows it to be a standard pop up in SP1 since IE removed whatever they needed to make chromeless windows.

Basically… No chromeless windows anymore. That is unless Microbians can find an alternative way.

Also, the patch Microbians launched has a bug that causes the window in which the link to launch the chromeless window was clicked to change to a white page with the text [OBJECT] in it.