Ie6 Sp1

Is it just me, or does IE6 SP1 makes it so chromeless windows are viewed in “full” screen…? If so… anyone know how to help?

I have never had this problem occur and I use IE6.

Er… did you update to Service pack 1…?

I have the most recent one, whatever that may be. I update my IE whenever there is an update to be downloaded.

Itz not exactly readily available for update… But if you do, then within your “About Internet Explorer” under Help should have
“Update Versions:; SP1;” under Product ID [or above the text box]… If not, u don’t have it. :-\

Hmm, guess I don’t have it. It doesn’t say that.

If it isn’t readily for download why/how do you have it? I usually don’t upgrade to early versions of programs, if I am going to upgrade I wait until it’s final release and the bugs are fixed.

It’s like any Service Pack update, they aren’t required to update. It’s recommended. And no, this isn’t a “test” update either. It does resolve some security issues that was in IE6.

Oh ok, I just downloaded the security patches to resolve those issues.

yeah, I dled the new service pack and now I have the same problem. I accidently dled it too…now my website always opens at full screen, and its not supposed to.

Same here!!!
Daaamn it!!!

No more chromeless windows :frowning:

As for IE6 SP1 Chromeless windows do not exist. Microbians released a patch that allows the window to open up as a standard pop-up window in IE6 SP1, but that can be done in a much easier was with just regular JS.

They said Microsoft removed something required for the script to work and they do not yet (if ever) have a solution to fix it.

If you get the patched chromeless file from , this will (as I said) create a standard pop up window in IE6 SP1, but will launch chromeless windows in the lower IE. It does have a bug in it though. When you launch the new window, the parent window is replaces with a white page that says “[object]”

Chromeless windows do not work in any other browser.

So this just leads to the conclusion that… Chromeless windows are now un-officially dead.

Did any body try to report to Microsoft upon this daamn problem??

Does anyone think Microsoft will give a rats a$s?

I am sure they know about it.

They also removed the ability for my ActiveX script to work. It is supposed to get rid of that alert that pops up asking if you are sure you want to close the window (when you close a window through a link). Well they removed the ability to do that at all.

And that they know about, they didn’t want people to get around that because it is a “security feature” of IE.

So they probably will say the same about what they removed for Chromeless windows to work.

I still prefer IE over Netscape though. I wasn’t too fond of Chromeless windows.

Im with lost on this… chromless wins I NEVER liked - it was a trend-whore thing for a while, and thats it (IMHO), also Id take IE over NutScrapE any day… I hate that browser! :bad: … almost as much as I hate AOL.:evil:


Yes, Chromless windows started off cool.

But then started being trendwhored all around the world.

It got old… fast.

I do prefer IE over Netscape as personal preference. With the new Netscape, I don’t hate it as much. I actually think I like both of them mutually, but IE more… if that makes sense.

I don’t like Netscape for coding though. IMO.

I actually kinda wish one of them would just buy out the other (probly be microsoft doing the buying), and then we’d just have one main browser to design for… that would creat many problems and not really a viable real-world solution, but it would be nice for us designers - hey I can dream right?! Then there would only be one OS… :sigh: