Cisco Router Expert needed

Hey everyone!

Aright, so I have 2 routers. One in Location X (main office), and one in Location Y (Branch). Anyways, X calls Y (ISDN) to download files from Y.

Here’s the thing, X uses Cisco Router 801, and Y uses Cisco Router 803. Both offices have their own ISDN lines (not leased).

(FYI, Y calls and downloads from another branch, Z, and Z has Cisco router 801.)

I already downloaded Cisco ConfigMaker, but I’m not sure whether I’m doing the right thing or not. Do I have to connect both routers together, and provide the same IP addresses (10.100.1.*), and we’re done? I also knew from someone about certain Telnet commands that would let you do the configuration easily. Can someone help me work out this issue?

Thanks in advance.