Classic Video Games: Just Grandma and Me

I was talking to a friend about how CD-ROM drives back in the day came with some free software. In my case, it was a copy of Just Grandma and Me:

This takes me back to the mid-1990โ€™s! I remember hours playing this game and exploring all the random little interactive elements in each scene.


Iโ€™ve never heard of this game before? Its amazing how far first person shooters like that have advanced since then. :grinning:


Those sounds effects are classic though.

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I well remember this game and several others. My wife and I used to let our oldest grandson play it (heโ€™s now 25) and he would get completely wrapped up in it. Where did you find it? My wife tried recently to let our youngest grand-daughter play it but she could not find a working machine that would still play the CD. (Yes we still have it).