Clean images in swift 3D

Hi guys,

I want to create some basic 3D animation in swift 3D. I can do this, but keep gettin some bad image quality, jagged edges and jerky animation…

I need help!!

I have tried drawing in FLASh then exporting an image symbol as .eps - that didn’t work.

I tried doing the work directly in swift 3D and export, but the animation was a bit jerky!

Although I did notice the image quality was better when exported as a ‘raster’ image.

Any advice?

How can I get clean images, with clean/smooth animation?

up the fps in flash

what type of files you importing into flash? jpegs?

regarding the smooth animation, like DDD said up the fps.

I was actually drawing images directly into flash, then exporting as .eps, didn’t know you could import jpegs and export them for swift 3d?

I tried drawing in freehand yesterday and exporting as .eps and the results were significantly better, still need some method of maybe getting that 100% smooth looking image any ideas?

I have tried increasing the FPS to make smoother animation, but just seems to alter animation speed and not quality?

my bad, i must of been crazy when i posted my msg, :crazy:

i actually meant so say “what are you exporting out as from swift3d to import into flash”.

Is your question more about the quality inside swift3d or the quality of your expoted swf that you import into flash?

Cheers for your reply Soulty.

My problem is more about the best way to prepare images before importing into swift3d.

Since my first post I have successfully drawn a basic image in freehand and imported it into swift3d. Previously I was drawing in flash and then importing into swift3d, which had very bad image quality.

So why is that? would you say freehand is the best way to prepare images?

if any time i use swift i personally use illustrator to create my curves and save out as a illustrator 7 file importing that into swift3d, works fine almost everytime.

It seems to me that flash has its own way of creating shapes, well the same sort of method, but i sometimes find it wiieird on how the pen tool acts since i come from a illustrator background, i tend to try to keep away from the pen tool in flash and complete all my shapes in illustrator before i get into flash.

I assume a eps file should be fine for swift3d, and remember to check out the smoothness settings in the bevels section for your object in swift. I think its more for viewing purposes, you can set later on how much you want the curves to be smooth in the rendering settings.

Cheers I’ll take that advice on board.