Collapsable Menu

I’m working on a collapsable menu which will expand when a button is clicked when the menu expands or collapses there is an aimation. Here is how I have it set up in flash everything is movie clips:

----Choice 1
--------Choice 1 Sub Menu
--------Choice 2
------------Choice 2 Sub Menu
------------Choice 3
----------------Choice 3 Sub Menu
----------------Choice 4
--------------------Choice 4 Sub Menu

It is set up this way so that when something is clicked everything else slides down. This all works fine, my problem is figuring out how to close one when another is clicked. So if Choice 1 is expanded and Choice 4 is clicked Choice 1 should play it’s close animation while Choice 4 plays it’s open animation. I could probably do it with a variable and a bunch of if statements but I’m trying to figure out if there is a better way.