F8help. Menu 1 open, the rest closed

OK, here’s the thing.
I have an animated dropdown menu with 7 buttons. Each button slides down it’s submenu. They’re setup so that they open when you click them, but automatically close when you move the mouse out of the area of the given menu/submenu. If i permitted for more than one submenu to be open at a time, then size of the menu in total would be too big.
Ok what I need is that, in plain language, when menu 1 is open - the rest is closed. But the menu 1 will close when you click menu 2, not before.
OK, if my explanation was too lame here’s the real thing, so you can get the idea of what i want:

The menu closes when the pointer rolls over an invisible button, which plays the closing animation. I want it to close only when I click another menu, not before.
Thanks a lot!

Oh, btw, that’s my first flash site made in 7 days with very little previous experience in flash. Kirupa tutorials helped a great deal. If you have some suggestions on how i could do some of that stuff differently, and more efficiently, pls let me know.