Have any of you used Web IDEs?

Curious to know if any of you here have used web-based IDEs like Stackblitz, Gitpod, Github’s Codespaces, etc.

The convenience of having an in-browser code editor seems really convenient, especially when paired with a remote VM to handle any complicated or system resource intensive tasks.


I think I used Cloud9 ~10 years ago, but other than that it’s mostly been the GitHub text editor for small revisions.

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I have used web IDEs, I tried Stackblitz and Codespace.io. I found Codespace to be a lot better than StackBlitz. I work from home so I was able to use the online IDE for a few hours a day, but not all day long.
Yes, I’ve used Stackblitz and Livereload for Angular. It’s very convenient when you’re following tutorials and don’t want to set up your environment. It is slower than a normal IDE since it is running in a browser after all, but the convenience makes up for it.

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Just in case anyone isn’t aware, press . on any GitHub repo or file and it will take you to an in browser VS Code showing the repo or file. I love it and use it all the time for certain types of code edits. It includes some extensions.

There are loads of neat tricks with it like deep-linking to a particular line