Collision in Flash 4

I have a problem. I can only do this project in Flash 4 and I need to make a movie clip go to another frame label if it is in collision with another movie clip ( a ball and a cube). Is this possible in Flash 4 ?

I looked around for an answer, but I couldn’t find any that would answer your question. Try posting on Flashkit’s Flash 4 forum:…?forumid=3 I know they will be able to help you out!

well, what you can actually do is use the “Set Variable” action and find the x and y coordinates of the ball, use two variables for the x and y coords of the ball, then do the same for the cube. now, kirupa maybe you’ll want to help me on this.
now with four variables, you can do an “if [ball-x-y-coord] = [cube-x-y-coord], goto [this frame]”
this is just a guess, cause i’ve never done something like this and i haven’t used flash 4 in a while.
play around with it a bit, experiment!