Collision Physics

does any one know where I can find a tutorial on the physics behind two cars colliding? I’m building it for the fun of it but its not working too well… see attachment for swf/fla

theres a tutorial on this somewhere…cant seem to find it though

I got testing for the collision handled (mine --> I just need something to give me an idea of what to do once I know they have collided.

well roll two balls into each other and see what happens! Code-wise, I think you can just reverse the direction of MCs and divide the speed value by a significant increasing value to represent the cars slowing down.

I’ve already got that covered… and when the cars collide one spins off based on where the collision was realtive to its center… but its not 100% effective… I highyl doubt that the physics are correct. (Look at the zip file ^)

I just looked at the zip and I wanted to ask how come the controlled car doesnt bounce backwards when it hits the object. According the Newton’s third law, every force creates a reaction force, which means when you hit something it hits back at equal force. Sorry for that little physics lesson, but it got annoying when my car got stuck inside the blob area and I couldnt get it out.

that is actually still in progress… I wanted to make the blob bounce away correctly first