Color Harmony

Hi guys

I found a book yesterday about color harmony on the web, but it´s too expensive for me right now. Do someone know a good web site where I can research about colors and web design ideas and styles?


simple google search :wink:

I would recommend also becoming acquainted with color theory as it applies to print…good stuff also and slightly diff from web work.

theres a book on colour theory? :confused:

Theres a plethora of books on colour thoery :thumb:

  • Soul :s:

are they actually helpful?
i usually let my eye do the judgement :stuck_out_tongue:

As do I

well color theory goes beyond what looks good to the eyes…it is how to calculate colors and moods, halftones…a bunch of stuff. I used to think that also kei…But man when you pick up one of those books you realize how much you do not know. Especially now since I do alot of print work…the color and print theory books have been a savior, Mastering Digital Print and Color Harmony 2 are two books I would recommend for starters.

gotta get me one of those :smiley: