UltraShock Characters

Take a look at UltraShock and someone please tell me if there is a tutorial somewhere on how to draw those cool looking cartoon-like characters. If anyone can think of a good method for drawing them then I’d love to know.

I’ve written a tutorial on this (kinda), it’s in Kirupa’s Flash MX - Special Effects - Line Art In Flash.

The principle is sound anyway, and you can apply that to drawing your own stuff. If you want to animate the things, you just have to split up the drawing into things like arms, legs, features etc, then put them togather and tween…

Cheers babes! You’re a good un!

Well, one doesn’t like to boast… :slight_smile:

Seriously, all I’d say in addition is that if you’re drawing chibis like those on that site, leave in the black lines round the edge…

Yeah I really like those funky charaters. They’re great. Love your cartoon drawing its really cool. Is that a flash self-portrait?

What, my little avatar thingy? Kinda. :slight_smile: It’s part of a whole character I drew ages ago. Should be somewhere on this board, but months back…

Yeah, I forgot what it was called until you reminded me. Your avatar is really cute. I love it.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

It also saves me the potential embarrassment of displaying my actual picture where everyone can see it… :slight_smile:

Why would you be embarrased about your picture? You’ve got me really curious now. What do you look like?

I didn’t want to put my picture as my avatar but I thought I’d put part of it on (hence my evil eye [yup, its actually my eye]).
Just had a 30 second messaround with Photoshop and I was done.

Argh! Not you as well. I think they’re all forming a committee to try and get me to find an honest to God picture.

I suppose if I stuck up a picture of Britney Spears, you wouldn’t all be fooled?

And that is definitely an evil eye. Actually, if you’re into Photoshop, talk to vts31 (Edwin). The man is a genius with a mouse.

Jealous? Moi? :slight_smile:

Yeah I like evil eyes. Everyone says I look evil so I might as well play it that way. he he he.

Genius with a mouse you say? Mouse?! Whats one of them. I’ve got me a Wacom tablet my dear, I haven’t used a mouse in about a year!! I’m addicted to this tablet its the greatest. Get yourself one, I seem to remember reading on one of the other forums that your boss won’t buy you one. Yeah, I’ve got a good memory for things like that - little details.

It’s true. They’ve given me MX Studio, Illustrator, Photoshop, Swish, Cool Edit, the works. But I guess they reckon I don’t need a tablet for drawing nodding dogs (yes, get the gags in now, I work for Churchill. “Oh yes”).

I want to get my hands on one for more recreational use really. I’m a bit limited with the mouse.

Is this the sort of thing you want to draw?

Thanks for the lineart, your a doll!
Yeah you’d love a tablet. I’ve got a big-ass wacom one its great. And you work for Chirchill? Ooooh yes. Sorry dear, just had to get that one in - although its kind of a funny in-joke really because anyone outside the UK who reads this won’t have a **** clue. He he he!

Anyhoo I’m going to practice my lineart and waste some company time! Sweet. I still don’t finish for another 30 mins. Finish at 6! The whole days gone then. I really gotta quit! BUT I LOVE MONEY TOO MUCH!!!

Do you have a car? Do you know how much ma-honey - sorry, money - you could save by switching to Churchill?

There, that should confuse any non-Brits reading this thread. :slight_smile:

Yeah they’ll be wondering what the hell is going on. I’ve actually tried Churchill because I’m getting my first car very very soon. They wanted a fortune from me! It was scandalous! Oh well, everyone just wants my money!

I think if you’re a bloke aged under 25, ALL your insurance is going to be scandalous. :slight_smile: Never got around to taking lessons myself, I keep meaning to though. That’s all this country needs, another woman driver. Heh heh. :slight_smile:

And I tell you, the number of people that have asked me for a nodding dog since I started working here… You wouldn’t believe it.

Yeah its going to be crazy for the next 4 and a bit years insurance wise. You don’t have a car? On your profile (I’m a curious little soul) it said you live in Kent and work in London. Thats a hell of a long commute ain’t it? How do you manage without a car? Train? Well I suppose that a car would be worse with London traffic. I mean Manchester centres got crazy traffic so old London town would be crazy! You’ll have to get yourself a scooter, then you can weave through traffic.

I guess I need to update my profile. Now I live in Kent and work in Bromley. :slight_smile:

Still a fair old trek, though not as bad as going to London. 40 mins on the train, practically door to door so I can have a kip on that as long as I don’t fall asleep, miss my stop and wake up in Margate. Again.

Have driven up to Bromley before (not me personally, but I got a lift), and it only takes about 10 mins longer, but you have to go on the M20 and that’s a nightmare sometimes, especially if there’s roadworks. Thankfully no speed cameras though, as we were in my mate’s Impreza, and that thing goes like **** off a shovel, if you’ll pardon my un-ladylike language.

Unlady like language. Tut tut tut. I’m only kidding.
Yeah Subaru Impressa’s are mean. My boss has got one. I was going up from our head office which is in Rochdale to our Blackburn branch in his Impressa. I though any faster and we’ll go back in time! Those things are crazy. Saying that I don’t know whats crazier, the engineering insanity or the person behind the wheel. Still its a good ride! WOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!

How did we get talking about cars? Didn’t it start off with cartoon character drawing in flash? Funny that.