Color object / exporting / emailing swf!

Hi there,

I’ve created a hotair balloon designer for a client which can be found at It works just as I want to so no problems there - however there are a few additions that I’d like to add but don’t know how to at this stage.

  1. How would I add a reset button to change all the panels back to white at a click of a button? The code for each button is:

on (press)

and the code for each balloon panel is:

on (press) {
iColor = new Color(this);
delete iColor;

  1. Also, I know how to create a custom cursor but how would I get this to change to the colour that’s been selected?

  2. Finally (and this is the biggie!), the client would like to build in a function which would allow the user to send the finished design to them by a click of a button. I’m guessing that this is an involved job, and would perhaps require a database to send the finished .swf to (if it’s possible at all?) I’ve seen other sites which allow you to design something in Flash and then send it off (such as at, but it looks like this involves utilising a database (a word which strikes fear into my heart!)

Thanks for your help,