Combo Boxes(Should be easy for POM or whoever Else)

To make a long story short, I created MC as a form. I created a new fla and thought That I could transfer the MC and it would work great. WRONG… I forgot about all the AS i did for the form soe it basically blew up. I did not want to figure it all out so I have started a new form. Here is my question.

I have inserted a combo box, I see the values in the box when press the down arrow. When I select one is the prob. It does not show in the actual box there is just the highlight color of dark grey. Did I corrupt something. It work flawelesly on the other form. I do no t think that I have changed anything.

Let me know

check the color… also, make sure all your labels and your data are actually there.

Check what color: I am little confused on that whole issue. Do I set it on the component itself or use the setStyleProperty


just making sure you did not change the skins or anything. Here’s a tip:

start a new movie, create your combo box with your data and your labels. Test it. If it works, save the fla. Then, open your old fla and select Open as Library… and open your new fla. Now transfer items from that library to the new one.