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I’ve been building and adding to CONCIPERE as my portfolio and company display site for about a year.
I have designed it with complementing FLASH replacing most html or php as the final output format for text, images, animations; using data from MySql or .txt, XML or .jpg files.
There are many FLASH examples and project demos as well as extensive photo-albums, news and weather displays.

I am looking for any comments, suggestions or critiques you may have about the site.

Findal :ch:
[email protected]

PS Happy to return critiquing favor if you leave your link

Just curious to why you made a poll?

Well, I’m just curious as to how this community judges a sites FLASH content.
Is it the number of FLASH .swf’s / page, or the total number of FLASH .swf’s VS other technologies, or how it is rated in general.

An all FLASH page is 50% html if looked at the number of files to load the page, or less if it loads .jpg’s or .txt as a data source.
Is it the number of html only pages VS the number containing a FLASH .swf and/or does multiple FLASH .swf’s / page raise the % or just even out?

So… I was just seeing what the community rated as % FLASH of my site to try to gauge this.


I would say your site is mostly HTML. I’m not going to use the poll though because it just confuses me.

I see you have used flash, but I’m not sure why? All of the items that you are using for flash can be done in other technologies.

web design with flash isnt about calculating what % is flash…it also has nothing to do with the number of swf files you load.

why is there a weather observer? Man, some people just find random stuff like “weather observers”, “random newscrollers” and stick them into a “portfolio” page. Unless your hosted on geocities, thats, not good.

My site for example is more or less 99% Flash, but in html appart from a few items like games, blogviewer, aubade girls… Flash is the content, not the vector :wink:
Your site uses Flash, but needlessly, most stuff you have in Flash are just as good in html; what is considered a “Flash site”, for SOTW for example…, is a site where the main interface is Flash, using Flash’s unique features for animated display, sound, no page reloads etc.
I could very easily change my header to Flash and load different pics for the sections, I already have a fully working, dynamic menu in Flash (, I could also use a Flash image gallery instead etc etc, but why? Not the point of the site, no need to use Flash to display Flash info…
Just leave it…