Just what does it take?

I have a site that uses some Flash but it is not entirely made up of it. I know that the rules say that this is ok, but what I want to know is what makes a site win SOTW? How good does it have to be? I am still learning Flash and I think I have semi-advanced stuff in there but if I try to learn anything fancy like menus that fade in and out and music and control panels, etc, then the site will take forever to load. I am not big on patience so I try to keep my flash files small. Hence, sacrificing fancy for faster loading, although, I might try something fancy in the future. But for now, I don’t want to confuse myself with learning too much at once…:smiley:

It takes the satisfaction of the people who view it and of the mods here and mainly kirupa decides.

It also has to be smooth (animation wise), fast loading, clean, original, pleasing to the eye, etc.

All the basic rules of any website must be applied here.

I would recommend checking out previous SOTW winners to get a general idea of what kind of sites win. It doesn’t have to be entirely made of flash, but a good percentage of it should be Flash - about 75% I think. You should ask Kirupa for official requirements - however, I noticed that most of the previous winning sites are at least 90% flash. But a fancier site doesn’t necesssarily mean a slow-loading site - you can overcome bandwidth challenge in many ways through flash.

Well said Ren :slight_smile: