Comments please

anything could/needs to be improved?
any Mac-tester here? feedback?


I’m getting a ‘Page cannot be displayed’ type-error.

Maybe add a texture to the grey background, I like the top image but perhaps it lacks colour, add a scrollbar to the external newsfeeds rather than having it continually scroll like that and I’d make more of a highlight of the sections headings (such as LE NEWS or UTILITIES) need to jazz them up somehow.

Like it though, a site I would hang around and use :thumb:

Looks good on MAC OSX Panter/Safari, IE, and FF as well as PC… don’t see any technical issues. That’s a lot of scrolling

Wow Eyez!

I haven’t been to your site in a while. Excellent set up man, I really like it.

Well done :slight_smile:

Great job. I can see it now, thankfully, and it looks awesome.

I like how it has alot of content, and news that I’m interested in too.

I don’t say this very often but uhm,

…dang cuz.

Nice site, news I’m interested in like Krilnon said. Even though I’m on a road runner connection, considering the amount of content on there, that page loaded like it was blank. Lightning fast. Nice work.

Thanks guys, have updated some small graphic parts (headers, menu icons etc) and added some stuff you won’t really notice… apart from one new Yeti sports game you may want to try out… :wink: