Site in progress

I need some feedback on my new site that I am in theprocess of rebuilding… I need feedback on style, function, color, etc, as well as how well it runs on various machines and connections. The site was designed on a MAC and when I saw it on a PC I was not happy about the colors so I want dome feedback on that too.


It’s pretty simple and straightforward… so it’s pretty much a winner for me. I’m looking at it with a PC running Windows 98/IE 6. I’m not sure what exactly you expected it to look like, but it looks fine on this end.

There are a couple of small things though: the font looks a little blurry. The text is still readable, but the blur looks a little unclean… inconsistent with the clean horizontal lines. Also, it was pretty unclear that I should hit the logo to return to the main page. I stumbled upon it by chance. Also, increase the hit area of the main page button - it’s a little easy to miss it when I have my mouse in the blank areas in the center of the logo.

Other than that, It looks great. The intersection tweens are interesting yet simple enough and I like that you have a wide range of colors while maintaining a simple site.

your grid is nicely laid out which is refreshing considering the amount of “crap” floating around on the internet. there are two things i think you should be aware of though.

  1. those colors on your front page: while they provide a different feel on each of the pages throughout the site they a) have no meaning and b) they look a bit like a rainbow (which is cool if you’re trying to say you’re gay but if you’re not trying to say that, you should be aware of the possible implication of your color choices)

  2. your links at the top are not on grid, i think you should bring them down so they form a vertical column, one link sitting on each of the lines that form the horizontal tint bars across your page.


Thanks for the feedback, I am changing the text to make it more clear and have redone teh logo button to more clearly define the hit spot as well as let you konw where it will take you and te fact that it is a button. I have not reposted the changes yet though.

Thanks for the ‘gay’ flag alert, I never thought of that, I was more looking to give an identity to each section as well as keep some unity through the site. I will change the navigation and see how that layes out. I do hear what you are saying though and apreciate the honesty.

Well, for what it’s worth… I don’t think it’s gay. That’s just something homophobic people might think :stuck_out_tongue: I guess you should consider it if your target audience includes people who might get freaked out by a man who uses a lot of colors, no matter what his sexual preferrence is.

I like the splash since it ties up all the colors you use. It’s non-graphical, yet it’s still lively and interesting. Others might disagree, but that’s my two cents.

While I have no qualms with the current navigaion, I think the new navigation idea provided by shuga sounds pretty cool.