Community Portal

I’m interested in creating a community portal. I need to be able to present a business plan with some numbers for potential investors. Right now it’s a one man show. I can afford to pay someone for their time but I’m no Rockefeller.

I’ve tried to provide as much detail as possible in my description. This site would be like a mini yahoo and geared towards young college graduates.

There will be two phases. In this post I will describe my servers information In the next post Phase One. In the third post I will describe Phase Two.

If you think you or your team can handle this then send me an e-mail at [email protected] or send an IM here. I’ll log on once a day to check on it.

Server and Hosting Info


<TABLE width=“100%”><TBODY><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Disk Space (MB)[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]795 MB[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Data Transfer (bandwidth)[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]79.5 GB[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]128BIT SSL Server[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Available[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Platform - Reliable UNIX/Linux[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]FrontPage 2002[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Online Web File Manager[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]99.9% Uptime Guarantee[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Password Protected Directories[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Statistical Log Analyzer[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Raw Data Log Access[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]24 hour FTP Access[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Personal Back/Restore Utility[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Emergency Tape Backups[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Generator Power Backup[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

<TABLE width=“100%”><TBODY><TR bgColor=#000000><TD colSpan=2>[size=2][color=#ffffff]Scripting Features[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]VB Scripting[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Java Scripting[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Modperl for Apache[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]SSI (Server Side Includes)[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Full CGI Access (Perl 5.0)[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]PHP4[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]MivaMerchant Shopping Cart[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Available[/color][/size]

<TABLE width=“100%”><TBODY><TR bgColor=#000000><TD colSpan=2>[size=2][color=#ffffff]Database Features[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]MySQL Database Support[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Available[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]My-PHP-Admin Interface[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]YES[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Ability to create DSN’s instantly[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]YES[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR bgColor=#000000><TD colSpan=2>[size=2][color=#ffffff]Multimedia Features[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Real Media Streams[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]MP3 Streams[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Midi Streams[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]ShockWave Ready[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR><TR><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Advanced Streaming WAVs[/color][/size]</TD><TD>[size=2][color=#000000]Yes[/color][/size]</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>

[size=4][color=black]Phase One[/color][/size]

Basic Site Set-Up

  • Guests may browse general content freely
  • Members must sign up in order to contribute to the site
  • Require e-mail verification through use of account activation
  • one master member log-in for entire site
  • separate start page for different groups
  • bot protection through log-in use of “type in this text” along with username and password fields (like
  • member location pin maps broken down by US states and other countries (
  • instant messenger capabilites anywhere on the site
  • clean crisp home page simliar to yahoo
  • rotatable ads that can be customized by gender, age, location, interests and follow the search query or page content
  • easy to update content and layout
  • Admin Control Panel for each portion of site that can specify cost structures, views, time frames, clicks
  • I’d like admin log-in only to be able to be access from specific IP addresses
  • Content Moderator Panel for each portion of site
  • User Control Panel
  • Career Seeker Control Panel
  • Business Control Panel
  • Organization Control Panel
  • Professional Profile Control Panel
  • Users earn site points for contributions
  • Site Bank where users deposit, withdraw and earn interest on site dollars

Link Submission Capability

  • Add Link Ability
  • ability to add edit and reorganize categories
  • Forced selection of specified group using checkboxes
  • One site dollar credit for each link submitted
  • ability to filter results by specified group
  • Content Moderator approval required before link appears

Article Submission Capability

  • Submit article capability
  • ability to show picture with article with picture control in User’s Control Panel
  • forced selection of specified group using checkbox
  • Five site dollar credit for each article submitted
  • ability to filter results by specified group
  • Content Moderator approval required

Subdomain information

  • customizable phpbb forums for each site subdomain keeping a site count of posts and site dollars
  • subdomains start page must have consistent layout
  • each start page must be customizable
  • each start page must be easy to change as far as content
  • each must be able to show “feature” content
  • articles should be able to rotate upon each click

Members Profile Pages (subdomain)

  • searchable start page
  • full page member profiles utilizing very basic HTML.
  • Restricting them to no javascript.
  • Must be able to paste profile link elsewhere for people to surf in

Community (subdomain)

  • General forum up similar to in function and features
  • Two site dollars for starting a thread
  • One site dollar for each response
  • access to private boards after 50 posts
  • Site dollars can be used to purchase items like on
  • Site dollars can be used to purchase lottery tickets after 50 posts
  • Drawings for cash and prizes every other month.
  • smaller private boards available by request
  • display information concerning nearing events, latest articles, top insite searches, last posts on home page

Searchable Business Directory (subdomain)

  • Three levels of submission
  • Basic = One Line showing Name, Location, Type of Business and Contact Info (Address and Phone Number)
  • Mini-Profile = Basic plus pop-up window containing an e-mail address and text entered in a free flow box
  • Full-Profile = Basic plus full page template with linking and e-commerce capabilities
  • five templates should be provided
  • Secure credit card payments for upgraded products
  • Searchable by Name, Location, zip code, product/service, specified group
  • must enter referral codes
  • Content Moderator approval required
  • ability to refund if content is not approved
  • separate member log-in to update data

Searchable Professional Profiles (subdomain)

  • templates to showcase independent Sale Reps, Speakers, Consultants
  • ten templates should be provided
  • Secure credit card payments for upgraded products
  • Searchable by Name, Location, zip code, product/service, specified group
  • must enter referral codes
  • Content Moderator approval required
  • ability to refund if content is not approved
  • separate member log-in to update data

Multi-Level Marketing (subdomain)

  • used to track referrals from profiles and directory
  • Control panel that shows active downline for three levels
  • account balance shows activity
  • user registration required in order to get paid from activity
  • activated accounts are given a specific referral id number to be given out

Careers (subdomain)

  • must have customizable start page
  • up to date job search capabilities
  • variety of categories similiar to typical job search sites
  • employers should not see contact information unless a payment is made or admin has granted them desiganted permission
  • must have five resume templates
  • must have generic fields where information can be input to display in templates
  • site area must allow for article submission
  • career seeker should not be able to see other user profiles

Love (subdomain)

  • picture only profiles
  • indepth dating profiles
  • basic and advanced search capabilities
  • results show mini profiles(picture, age range, general location, status, sexual preference, seeking status)
  • must express interest by adding to hotlist
  • hotlist will show pending approval
  • when user “a” adds user “b” to hotlist user “b” gets a listing in approcal panel
  • users must accept or reject interest
  • both parties must show interest in each other for a two way match
  • rejected interests will continue to show pending in their hotlist for member that rejected them
  • full profile is shown after a two way match is made

[size=4]Phase Two[/size]
Destination Guides (subdomain)

  • ability for users to add information about cities
  • show information about resturants, night life, shopping and more
  • ability for users to upload picture
  • Content Moderator Approval required

College (subdomain)

  • basic template to show school information
  • secure forms so high school students can submit applications online
  • allow credit cards transactions to process application fees
  • schools will need control panel and free flow areas
  • message board for each school
  • event calender for each school
  • work like a job search engine but used for school

Organizations (subdomain)

  • basic template to show organization information
  • message board for each organization
  • event calender for each school
  • organizations will need control panel and free flow areas
  • allow credit card transactions to process donations

Events (subdomain)

  • Will show paid ads for events
  • ability to draw information from selected schools and other organizations calenders
  • ability to add events and dates.

News (subdomain)

  • AP Headline News subscription needed
  • breakout to entertainment, sports and weather and other news pages

Music (subdomain)

  • ability for unsigned artists to upload songs
  • virus check on all files
  • play in-line through real player or media player no download
  • submissions can be categorized by genre
  • ability to rate music

Politic (subdomain)

  • poll enabled
  • AP Politics subscription needed
  • poltics forum
  • filters with ability to drill down content by party, minority group, city, state

Classified (subdomain)

  • set up like most classified services

ERm… how… much… exactly… are you planning on investing on this?

This sounds great and very interesting, I’m just curious to what your budget is as well.

E-mail me with a comfortable bid and links to current samples of your work.

I’m prepared to pay a nice sum but there is a ceiling.

[email protected]

In order to streamline the multiple conversations that I am having with investors and those interested in this contract I ask that you join this forum. There I can create a private board for you or your firm to discuss the web design needs and contract.

For those interested the budget is expected to be at least $4,000.00