KIRUPA! I must know

Can I ask a personal question? When did this board start and what was it like your first days? Were you waiting for people, did you go and promote yourself via web related places? How long did it take before the board wasn’t a lonely place? How long does it take people, enough of them to find a board like this and start using it? I am curious because I am looking at this EZ board thing for my own site. Would you reccomend it or is there another you now know would be better? Anyone else here at the beginning? What was it like? Im curious, very curious.


I’m not too sure how soon I got into this site. I know that when I came here there were only 10 to 15 regulars.

I’ve my own ezboard… which is sadly unpopular :slight_smile:

I’d say, unless you can justify paying the cost to keep the banners away, don’t bother. It will take a while to catch on no matter what unless you have really vital information that people want to converse with each other about.

I would also like to know the answer to Phil’s question.

To paraphrase it (or at least what I want to know), how exactly does one go about promoting their website?

What do you mean by promote?

Did you go for the 6 bucks a month, no banner deal?
And can you get EZ boards for free if you allow the banner? And are they that awful? Do they force pop-ups on people? Tell me more please.


Uh, I was going with to attempt to sell or popularize by advertising or publicity. That’s definition #4 in the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition…

I want to know how to make people visit your website, personally. I figured you were doing a round-about way of saying that, too, but I may have misunderstood you.

If you don’t pay, you get popups AND banners… plus half of their f@%ing popups have html errors in them… highly anoying

You Smartass! :lol: Find what people want when they get online and build a site to suit it for them. That was my idea for mine. I think its better than many sites I go to now. Find peoples wants and supply it. People love everything to beat their fingetips without dicking around all day trying to find each site individually. Most are not capable of doing sustained searches for stuff, so realize this and supply it al at your site. Want to see a great exampleof this in operation, check out this site, I cannot even ge a translation most of the time becaus eit so so busy.


Thats what I thought. Thats a non starter fer me.


You’re best bet for a forum is to get a site provider who offers PHP and Mysql and then do your own board from scratch. Plus the experience is good for you. :slight_smile:

This translation link is SO funny, look what it did to the intro of my site:

Thanksggiving setting expend Macromedia® flashTM about attitude intensive . In order to d’en make the most of, you have need any Macromedia Flash Player, a plug- in for your navigator able d’afficher thanksggiving content .
If you ne see not him texte defile ci- dessuspourquoi, cannot him download and l’installer dès now? Is easy, breakneck What about you join the 222 millions about people thanksggiving make the most of d’ambiances musical, belongings loud and animation complete at any interface attraction .

He suffice about clique about him bond hereinafter …

If anybody can figure out what this is all about…

Ilyas, Live, and Eyezberg-
Tellement vous guys réflexion MOI pouvions comprenons Français hunh? Sain , supposition à nouveau frenchboys! J’ai écouter tout de votre un grand nombre offense en français et seulement kep silencieux jusqu’à ce que maintenant. Mais Je devais dites quelque chose maintenant , vous stupide Français type mâle être humain unité! Et pas de , Je fais pas les boissons les égouttement de âgé chèvres tits! Thanksggiving c’est une interner binds créions près de idiote. MOI étonnement si MOI can @#%$ jurer dans coq téter Français et tranquille prendre mon message avoir la communication kirupa EZ le conseil?? MOI schiste argileux sous peu voyons. Ultérieur aligators! :rollin:

Phil Jayhan Doh! :wink:
Please don’t tell Kirupa the language I used:lol:

I love those traslators becasue they aren’t very smart. They are really for only translating single words and even then they don’t work. Because they directly translate and with most languages that doesn’t work (I’m sure you all knew that). I typed in “you suck a monkeys ass” and translated it to Japanese and it gave me something like “tits, (then a bunch of characters about a monkey), a$sh0le” And I asked my roommate to translate the characters for me, it was pretty funny.

Find what people want when they get online and build a site to suit it for them. That was my idea for mine. ** Phil**

No, no, Phil. That doesn’t actually work. You can have the best website on earth, but that doesn’t mean people will visit it - simply because they don’t know it exists. Like I said, I want to know how to promote a website. How to get people to know it exists. Do you go around being an annoying bastard on random forums and say “Visit my site and loveeee me!!!”?

I’d mainly like to hear Kirupa’s opinion, because he was successful enough to get me to visit his site.

And, Phil: if you’re going to use Babel Fish to translate from English to French make sure the English is right, first. Mon dieu, il n’y a rien que la merde dans son cerveau. (Actually, that might only make sense in litteral translation… I’m not sure about French slang… It’s only a second language, as I’m sure Pom and Eyezberg have noticed and everyone else has been completely unaware of…)

If you want your site to receive a lot of hits, you have to put “britney spears naked pics” as your key words. Type it somewhere on your page. Sit back and watch confused **** fanatics search your site for the coveted Britney photos.

SO that was YOUR SITE!!! :wink:

Also place the words Big Black Penis into the Meta Keywords for a lot of hits. It is one of the tops hitters at


Hi guys & RenGirl :slight_smile:
Sorry for the delay in responding phil, I’ll be busy with schoolwork at least till the end of this month. The forums were quite slow when I first started this about a year ago (December 2000). I had my own little community/forum thing at: .

Yeah upuaut, there were only about 10 or so regular posters back in the day :slight_smile: I never really did much in the way of promoting this site. I simply linked to the forums on my site, and my site got quite popular with this. Once Ezboard started using the annoying pop-up banners, I decided to pay for it and get them removed haha.

ROFL at your meta keywords Phil. You should do standup comedy haha :slight_smile:

I have to run for some AP Exam class, I’ll be back shortly and hopefully provide a better explanation than the ‘stuff’ I just provided lol.


So that was YOUR site Phil?? :wink:


I will give a few hints and helps that I have found along the way. First of all, if you are going to seriously market your site you will want to use site submission engines, but for many of the reaons you wouldn’t think of; There are many Site Submission engines that are top in many engines and directories as far as relevence. When you use their site for submission they send out your link to a whole bunch of search engines but also a bunch of FFA (Free For All) pages. Some of these pages, believe it or not, are at the top of some hot Directory’s and simply having your link on their page will allow your site to always be co-ranked as far as relevence. It is a huge help, more than you can know and it will be helpful for exposure.

** Site Submission Tools**

  1. If you use them, (Site Submission Tools) make sure you take out a new garbage e-mail address for the return junk mail which will NEVER stop once you do this. Ignore this rule at your own peril. i.e [email protected]

  2. Never pay for it. There are so many for free and it is the same exact service. It doesn’t take terribly long to do but you should set aside at least 1/2 - 1 full day for this alone. But it is helpful. Make sure you spend adequete time on the Foreign search engines in such countries as Brazil, China, Japan, Russia, Germany, France, India, etc…(See others below)

** link:**
Kirupa has 570 URL’s that link to it. Thats an awful large number for such a short time. Now heres what happens at Yahoo when someone does a search for any of those other URL’s; Yahoo, is a directory, NOT a search engine. When one of those other sites that link to Kirupa gets closer to the top as far as relevence and popularity, Kirupa’s site too will rise in relevence rating within the Yahoo Directory Structure. Wanna see it yourself, go to Yahoo and punch in, link: (just 5 charachters, the word link and a semicolon, cant do it in brackets it turns to a smiley, Maudit!) before the ** entire** web address for any site you wish this information on. It will then show you all the sites that Yahoo has in their directory with links to Kirupa, and other Directories and engines that it searches through it’s meta-crawlers as well.

** Reverse Relevance**
But it works in reverse as well. Hence many will see part of the scheme of my site. Yahoo does the same thing backwards so to speak. Sites with many links that are highest in Yahoo’s relevence are treated in the same fashion. Those sites will rise in relevence in the searches and the site will appear more and more, the higher those other links sites are in relevence. i.e. My site will generate a lot of traffic within a short amount of time if for no other reason than my selection of links. They are all top notch links and the most popular sites on the Net. In other words the search engines and crawlers will welcome my site with open arms as I splashed into the net linking to all the favorites, that consequently are high in relevence and searches.

** Key Words**
As pointed out above, they are essential for traffic. Big black penis by the way is one of the top hitters at Another is Aliens, Roswell, and UFO’s. Throw in Britney Spears breast exposed at last! and you will indeed find it generates extra traffic to your site. So make sure your key words are extensive and very telling and manipulative.

** Key-Words should have corrsponding links**
Another search tip is to have key-words & links that are self-linked. In other words, if you have a key word being; big black penis, there should be a corresponding link on your page, ‘big black penis’ or else the crawler will take points away and award you a lower relevence in it’s directory when it returns home.

** Meta- Tags**
So make sure your Meta Tags are all filled out and overflowing so to speak. More is more in this case. Meta-KeyWords, Meta-Description, and Meta something or another. This is ultra important for a new site.

** Meta Decription**
In this case, less is more. Most crawlers will only pick up the first 25 or 50 words. This is the desciption you might see if you were at Yahoo and did a search. Each site that comes up will show you like 10, 0r 25 or 50 words to describe the site. This description is the Meta Description function in HTML. These desecriptionsmust be supplied to the engines and crawlers via the meta Desrciption. So be very concise and make it very descriptive. Make the description grab out to the searcher and say, click me, click me! Because that is what they are going to see when doing a search and your site comes up.

** To Spam or not to Spam**
Spend time spamming the ****ography boards with your link, it works! And your only helping these poor souls be distracted with something more wholesome, like your website that has no pictures of Britney Spears Breasts or big black penis’s. Doh! I got a lot of visitors, regular visitors to an older site I used to have with these methods. It works! I feel it is also fair since they hog all the bandwith on the net with their dirty pictures, to cause them a little annoyance. Easy crowd too! Doh! :lol: Newsgroups are excellent as far as getting recognition; They too werk on the directory method posted above, but they are also catalogued in the search engines and directories, thus it will help your relevence if your website appears in their newsgroups. It’s worth the time. And don’t spam the newsgroups, just a somber warning. This is one group that will turn and tear you to pieces. Just work it in slowly, following the rules. This werks though and is one highly effective long term method of exposure.

** Content:**
Have something that will cast the biggest net for people coming to your site. And make sure there is a big net to keep them their when they finally come. People want their news. They want to search. And they want the governments corruption all in one easy to find place. Hence my site, our site actually, I am just the Webmaster, Corpus Tyrannicus Research Institute. I think it will be a draw for people. I am even starting to like my site, and Im frellin picky. I already have 84 internal links. And like 18,000 external links if Dreamweaver is telling me the truth, I think it’s lying.

** Expired links & Extra money**
Now many of those links are expired or will expire. No problem, once I set up my 404 file page, they will be directed to a 404 site that pays me 4 cents for each and every one of those suckers. I cannot police 18,000 links. And manyof them are in archived stories that most will not click on, reference stuff and stuff. Spend time in other countries submitting your site. This got me the most traffic. France, Germany, Canada, Britain, Singapore, Russia, China, Tiawan, Australia!!-These are good places and needful if you want international traffic right away (4-6 weeks).
Expect it to take about 6 weeks for your website to be thoroughly spidered throughout the web, worldwide after submission. Make sure your site is in it’s permanent URL as well. Don’t be trigger happy with these steps. Each in it’s own turn.

** Size; Appearance**
Make sure your page loads quickly, has a pro look, and plenty of material. Now that you have spent all this time to get them to come, what do you have to offer them if they stay?

** Avoid the piss-offs;**
No small hard to read print ( a big sin of the flasher community)
Small, undersized buttons (a growing portion of our population id elderly and need big print and big buttons, and also a sin for flashers)

** 404’s**
Front page links that don’t work. (Dont put em up if they don’t werk)
The search engines a meta crawlers will also whack you heavy for this indiscretion.
Then the really obvious stuff like no black background with internet green print. No red print. Color schemes must be superior and pleasing, well pleasing. If they don’t like the look they won’t return.

** Contact;**
Make it easy to find. And make sure they can contact you. Most of the time it doesn;t matter if they dont get a return mail, but if they want to write you and cannot it is a turnoff.

** Popups**
Don’t use em. Idiots made those to wreck the intenet experience. Don’t give in to the idiots. Whoever first thought those up should be shot, along and after the person who invented the hold button on the telly. Or at least sacked.
Frames; Try not to confine people to your site within frames;

** Navigation**
Back button; I am unforgiving on this issue; With me it is a cardinal sin as many might already know; If I am surfing and go to your site and you make my return path void by blanking the back button or any of those other mindless schemes to imprison me in their site, I will never, EVER under any circumstance revisit the site.
No matter how cool, no matter what. That is unforgivable and selfish, it has ruined so many of my searches I would like to personally strangle the mind numbed jerk who invented it. But I digress.

** Word of Mouth**
And word of mouth which is the number one way, after of course having a site that interests them for more than 5 minutes. You better have something they want or else my take on human nature is they are gone and won’t return. Fickle crowd. Remember that though, they want instant gratification for news, weather, games, whatever. But instant is the codeword. Long load pages are seldom revisited by me.

** Incomplete Pages**
Avoid placing an incomplete page in it’s respective URL for more than 1 week. Trust me, this can kill all the visitors perceptions of your site. The search engines and meta crawlers also will rank punish you with poor relevence until they detect through another crawl, a correction. (And remember, there is a 6-8 week time drag for Crawlers, so don’t make this error, be ready and waiting for them as honored guests) When I see an under construction sign, I am outta there. Just me but I think many are the same way.

There a few tips for now-
Hope some of them helped…

They definately helped for when I want to market the site I am going to be making. I think maybe this should go into the Best of Kirupa forum. :slight_smile: