Complete website template that we all can use $50 in the pot!

I am bumping my head left and right in actionscript 3. I load in images dynamically but they load above my transitons. I can’t get preloaders to work for sections loading in external .swf or .jpg.

What I am looking for is a complete website example

  1. preloader for main swf
  2. preloader for swf loaded into the main movie.
  3. image gallery that loads thumbnails and large image dynamically (with drop shadow). also it unloads when you leave the section.
  4. video gallery that plays videos and the loaded video has the play,pause,volume,fullscreen,seek functions. All done dynamically.
  5. text fields that are dynamically created for whatever section and are styled with external css. Also text is pulled in from a xml file or text file.
  6. Contact section with form fields with validation.
  7. A little bit of a description of how it was done.
    a. If anyone wants to add something feel free.
    I would like to start a pot with $50 to get things rolling. Hopefully we can get enough cash together for someone to try this. Anyone wants to match me? The last website I made in flash is here so you can see what I am capable of. There are just a few (ha a whole lot) things I can’t rap my head around.