Here is one… if any code gurus could lend us a hand here…

I have a Base Movie/Stage that has 4 buttons to navigate the site. The 4 different sections of the site will be loaded with loadmovieNum from external swf files to _level3 of the origionaly loaded movie. When i change sections (ie press a different navigation button I want to load the corresponding external swf file into _level3 to replace the last _level3 section loaded.

all make sense?

problem is i want this transition to be gracefull, ie wipe off one section before the next loads, here is how i thought i could do it… im no genius with coding so i may need a little help.

BaseMovie loads.
user clicks button on main movie - the button sets a variable on the main timeline (_level0) to a set variable for that button.
it then loads a wife off movie called erase.swf into _level4 (to wipe over _level3) then in its last frame it calls a function on the main timeline (_level0) to unload _level3 and _level4 (the wipe movie and the last movie loaded into _level3) , and then load a new movie using the variable set origionaly on the main timeline to _level3 (creating the smooth transitions!)

dont really understand the function thing, especially loading the specific external flash movie using the variable set by the button…

thanks and any help would be appreciated



Well, if I had to do it, I’d load in a clip, but that’s just me…

yeap, but it a complicated site, and dont want to load everything at onece, just what is needed…