Component communicate with xml


i’ve got an xml document that i load into flash and parse the info i need into an array. it works great.

i’ve got a calendar component that i’ve built separately that i want to read from the xml file (and then perform some actions based on what it finds).

i’m confused on how to make the connection between the two in the way that i need them to communicate.

here’s how i parse the xml into arrays:

ThisNode = rootNode.childNodes*;
ArrDate* = ({month:ThisNode.attributes.month,, year:ThisNode.attributes.year});

now – i imagine i create a function within my component class that will read the info from that array. is that right? i’ve also been told that creating an inspectable property in my component to communicate with my xml file will work, too. i’m lost. all i know is that in the end i have to turn over this calendar that reads from xml to another developer to put into a larger piece of software.

any help would is very much appreciated.

thanks. fumeng.