Component death

hello my fellow kirupians…

I am in hell.
Using the mx2004 components is probably the most unnecessarily complicated and sloppy task this world has to offer. I say this considering that people have climbed Mount Everest.
It’s easy enough to feed some XML into a MenuBar. But then you end up with a big ugly white and green menuBar.
Nevermind entering the realm of the ‘CellRenderer API’ and the help files.

Today I actually read and tried learning the classes and methods for these components and I’m pretty sure I’m never going to.
I mean there were 20 pages involved in making a stupid dataGrid display something other than text. And then…there it was…a couple of dropDown menus inside a DataGrid.

How does a person code this display for user interaction? It looks like another large chunk of reading.

Spring is here and the weather is getting nice. I’m not going to become an old man who just learned how to script a component, only to find out that MM has re-written the whole flash architecture again.

So, oh well… I guess I can’t learn everything I would like to learn.

I just posted at macromedia that if there is ANYONE in there who doesn’t work for the company, and who also can make a custom flashApp with the components, that I would give them my house.
There weren’t any takers. Even though I was serious.

Okay good I vented a little bit.