UI Components tut req

Mah first post and already a REQ:/

ok well am looking for Flash MX tutorials especially the “UI components”…
I’ve found some so far but not enought unfortunately i think it’s a great new feature if u know how to work with it (and I’d really like to be able to work with it myself…)

Thanx in advance!

ps great site =)

Hey MC_F,
That’s not a bad idea. I have never used any UI components, so it might be good for me to learn a bit about it. Then I might write about it. Right now I am working on several tutorials, and after I finish those, I’ll consider doing one on UI Components.


Kirupa. I can probably write one on the calendar component. Want it?

Hey MC,
Do you want to build your own components, or use the ones provided by Macromedia ? Because if you just want to use them, you can find a few tutorials on this site, and if you’ve understood them, there shouldn’t be too much trouble with the rest. I guess.

pom :asian:

Hey Iammontoya,
Sure, that will be great :slight_smile: I wouldn’t mind posting it on the site!

Kirupa :rambo:

i wondered if someone could do a tutorial on skins of UI components; ie.changing the color of the scroll bars.
that would be great =]
i’m looking forward for UI components tutorials.