Can anybody tell me what that is ?? Everybody’s talking about that, but it’s impossible to know what it is…

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This is from the MX tutorial section in the Help section.

Components tutorial overview

You can use Macromedia Flash UI components to quickly and easily add simple user interface elements to your Flash document.

This tutorial is designed to introduce components to beginner and intermediate Flash users and show how they can be used to easily create a simple application. Before taking this tutorial, you should complete the Introduction to Flash MX Tutorial and the Introduction to ActionScript Tutorial, which you can access by selecting Help > Tutorials.

Types of components

Flash MX provides the following components:

Radio button
Represents a single choice in a group of mutually exclusive choices

Check box
Represents a single choice

Push button
Carries out a command when the user clicks it or presses Enter or Return

Combo box
Displays a list of choices

List box
Displays a list of choices

Scroll pane
Provides a scrollable window pane for viewing movie clips

Text scroll bar
Adds a scroll bar to a text field

How you can use components

Here are some ways you can use components:

Web form Design a form that asks for a user’s address, telephone, e-mail address, and other personal information, then validates the data before submitting it to a server.

Build your car Create a Web form that allows users to order a car by selecting various graphic options instead of typing in the information. The fields are generated from the graphical interactions.

Survey Build a multiple-question, multiple-part survey that instantly tallies the results and charts the resulting survey data.

Photo album Create a personal photo album that takes a directory of images and thumbnails and wraps them with the Flash interface and navigation elements.

Loan calculator Design an online amortization calculator that calculates loan payments.

Web-based presentation template Create a template for slide-based presentations with simple, prebuilt navigation elements and a layout for images and text.

Actually, I was looking for a real explanation…

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Hey… that’s all I got so far. I was trying to be helpful. :slight_smile:

From what I see pom, I think a component is just a nifty little movie clip that adapts itself to its surrounding movie clip, dynamic text field, or other stuff. This seems to be a more advanced smartclip featured in Flash 5.

For example, right click and edit the scrollbar component after adding it to a text field. You will notice that it contains a ton of AS code with the individual scrolling components. What will be cool is when Macromedia Exchange comes out with more components that will make life a lot easier for us!

can you use something like “attach” on one of those scroll bars… if so, you could attach it to a text field AFTER data has been loaded into it… which it seems to me would solve the scroll bar issue we were talking about before…

I don’t know why, I sound really like a @#%$ those days. Sorry about that Upu, it’s just that I tried to read the text you put, but couldn’t understand what it meant.

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Me either… which is why I cut and paste it rather than attempting to translate. :slight_smile:

There’s a tutorial about a Flash component here :
A real Nightmare.
No need to tell you that I tried to do it, and if you’ve never done C++ or Java, you’ll die before you understand what’s going on (I’ve been doing some for half a year… but I’m rather dumb, so…).
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