Compressed loaded images in MX

hi, im making a slideshow for my web site (thru load movie) & when i load the images , everythin is working fine except that the images themselves are reduced quality. they have squigly lines on them, and seem to be compressed by flash, but im not sure what the prob is…
i need the images to be in their original high quality and uncompressed!

all the images are neither optimized nor progressive.

pls help! thanx ;]

Hey slygrrl22,
Are the images compressed to begin with in their JPG form? Flash does not (to my knowledge) compress images if it is loaded externally. If the images are stored within the animation itself, go to Window | Library. Right click on each image and select Properties. Uncheck the “Use Default Quality” setting and enter a value in the quality text field.

That should allow your images to be clearer. I don’t have Flash open so the names of the Flash tabs/links/text fields may be a tad bit off :slight_smile:

Kirupa :bandit:

no, im doin the load movie/images, so the images are all external & not in the library. they are being changed somehow, because the quality is not as good.
the images are jpgs, and all the original size… they arent shrunk at all…

pls help!