Computer Eyewear?

Sometimes my eyes hurt from looking at a monitor for so long. I’ve seen computer glasses in stores, and I didn’t know if actually helped. I read that they reduce glare, but will they actually prevent strain in your eyes?

Why don’t you try simply focusing on something far away every once in while… or blink here and there. :wink:

my eyes been hurting lately. since i got me pullin all niters

Try setting the refresh on your monitor higher than 75Hz or something if it is lower than that. The higher refresh rates have helped me to avoid getting a headache from staring at the screen too long. Blinking while playing games also helps…esp. if you wear contacts :evil:

I’ve had the same problem for days!

Kirupa, how do you do that? :sen:

Your Display Properties’s Advanced button should have a drop-down menu under the Monitor tab for selecting a refresh rate.

Hell yes do what kirupa said !!! I had to go to three doctors for one to tell me to do that, because I had frequent headaches…

And don’t forget to stop for at least every ten minutes every two hours… it helps.

Try to get off the computer whenever you can. Dont sit at it all day if you dont need the computer urgently. Glasses are not made for those that have good eyesight or those that see fairly well without needing one.

75Hz has flickering, I always set mine to 85Hz, unless you’re special, you shouldn’t see flickers.

agree with that, my optometrist said the same thing to me when i asked her.
also, if you’re eyes aren’t too weak, remove your eyeglasses. that’s what i do and i rarely have headache.

Yeah - 85Hz is ideal. I keep mine at 100Hz just because it is fun :slight_smile:

I use 65Hz and do not see flickers unless I am trying to see them.
…thanks now I see the flickers :frowning:

If you happen to be on a flat panel or LCD, I am not sure that the refresh rate settings matter. At least that’s what I was told for my laptop.

that’s weird, actually my refresh rate is at 75Hz, everything’s look fine. but when i’m increasing it at 85Hz, my fonts looks blurry.

have an idea why?

(my screen is an ‘old’ panasonic panasync sl90)

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It should be higher the better, and it does not matter on LCDs. I’m not sure about your font problem, try telling Windows to use smooth fonts.

much better!

thanks :slight_smile:


75 is the highest I can change it to…
Changed it to 60 just to see… all hell broke loose! :crazy: It was horrible :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are on a high resolution (ex. 1280x720), you may not be able to use 85Hz, you may have to dub your resolution down a notch and then try it.