Computer is completely screwed!

Ok so I was using my PC earlier, not doing anything really, just browsing the internet and listening to music on iTunes when suddenly it crashes and both my screens go dark.

‘That’s retarded’ I said to myself and hit the power button.

Turned it back on straight after and had problems booting. It kept restarting itself randomly before I was able to log in. Kept restarting it, managed to get to the login screen and enter my password, but then it just reboots again.

Got pissed off and decided to reinstall Windows…which was unsuccessful, neither my Windows XP or Vista install CD/DVDs work, the Vista disk comes up with the ‘Windows is loading files’ before setup, the loads bar completes but then the computer just sits there, doing nothing. No clicking to suggest it’s loading, the disk stops spinning…

Lame, so I decide to pop my XP disk in and try and install that, get as far as the bit of the installer where you copy the necessary files so that it can install, gets to about 70% and then a message comes up saying that some random system file could not be copied from the disk, says this for like 5 files and then completely stops at 74% and will not go any further.

Now I have a computer with nothing installed on the C drive (I had to format it), won’t boot from anything, won’t install Windows.

WTF! Anyone got any suggestions before I get pissed off and go buy a Mac?

(I’m using my 12" PowerBook atm, its the only computer I have that actually works, despite it being the oldest, had it for like 5 years now).