Concept login page

ok for those of you who read this thread

you will already know what im talking about.

for those of you who havent im doing or thinking about doing a bigger size job for ‘Lifeline Australia’ a phone counselling charity, the job i would have to do is design the screens, graphics, button etc. for a program the counsellors use to record stats and other stuff. the only problem is im not sure if i will be able to put the graphics into the program, i dont know if the program is java/html based or somthing else, ive emailed them to ask but they have not replied yet.
anyway here is a mockup concept of the login page, what do you think

PS i was thinking of using the same gradient background for all of the screens, but change the featured picture ie the ripple, for each section of the forms and stuff they have to fill in

login page concept

critique welcome