Conflicting timeline problem

I have one swf called main.swf which has a container movieclip that gets external swf’s loaded into it.

my external swf is called hosting and it calls an array of data that is loaded into a movieclip that is duplicate for each element from the database. The elements from the database are as follows:


Each one of these has a button over it that when press loads information from the database into a movieclip that contains a textbox. My button code is:

_root.movieclip.loadVariables(“url to database”);

This works flawlessly when I run the hosting.swf by itself, but when it is loaded into the contianer in the main.swf the buttons dont work.

I believe that it is the _root in the button call that is causing this but I dont know how to fix it. I think the _root variable changes when hosting is loaded into the main.swf.

Can someone help me please.

post the .fla please.