Confused On Offical Audio CD's

Now Im not trying to make this sound like im a hacker or anyhting or im trying to make an offical Audio CD im just wondeirng about something.

When I put a Burnt CD on my Xbox it said it is not An offial cd or whatever somethign liek that.

All i want to know is how it reads that its burnt because if you use orginal cds on the Xbox it reads that is offical is there like a special file they put in it so the Xbox Reads that its offical.

I probally really confused you there but im hoping you understand.

mmmmmmmm, I got u, but I dont have idea how to make it so the xbox reads its official, I think when the cd its made they include a security seal, thats what the xbox detects to make it original…and obviously we dont have the tools to make it in a burned cd

the first couple bits of the CD is probably what’s read to check its authenticity.

Just like you burn an official game cd to a blank and after you stick it in your drive, it will say “Problem reading application”. Thats where you need a c*ack.

yeah its so wierd how you burn things that are offical but the Burning Program doesent pick uip everylast file and burn it the right way but yeah anyways im gonna stop talking about that beforew we get in trouble.

I heard cdclone , or is it clonecd, whatever, burns it straight and complete, so nothing is missed.

You can put a mod chip in your Xbox…